5 Love Languages of Skincare

The way we all express and receive love are very different and it is important in any relationship to understand what each others love language is! Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and if you really want to show your appreciation to your partner, its time to learn their love language! Give them the ultimate Valentine’s Day gift by learning the way they want to be shown love.

Words of Affirmation

If you believe words speak louder than actions, this love language is for you. Compliments are your best friend! You love words of reassurance, encouragement, nicknames and being told how good you look.

Words of Affirmation Skincare Edition - Compliment them on their skin! Tell them how they’re glowing or how well they have been keeping up with their skincare routine.

Acts of Service

This is the love language for those who love being shown actions rather than words! They love when their partner does an action to help them out. This could include cleaning up for them, running an errand for them or cooking them a meal. 

Acts of Service Skincare Edition - Apply their sunscreen every few hours! This is a huge one, especially if you’re spending more time in the sun this summer. A skincare step we often forget when we are enjoying the weather a little too much.

Quality Time

You love uninterrupted time and undivided attention! You love to spend quality time together doing activities, putting the phones away and trying new things.

Quality Time Skincare Edition - Doing a face mask together. Who says doing a skincare routine can’t be fun? Apply each others and discuss your favourite memories while you wait for the mask to set!

Receiving Gifts

This love language is for those who love being shown appreciation through gifts! They love tangible gifts like love letters or flowers but more importantly, the thought behind preparing the gift.

Receiving Gifts Skincare Edition - Buy them new skincare product! The thought behind choosing a skincare product you’ll know they will love, will have them smiling from ear to ear.

Physical Touch

If you love intimacy through hugs, kisses and massages, this love language is for you! You’re someone who enjoys being close to your partner, sitting next to each other in a restaurant or snuggling.

Physical Touch Skincare Edition - Give them a face massage! Get out their favourite skin oil and perform a mini massage to help drain toxins, de puff their face and relax them.

Still stuck on what your partners love language might be? Get them to take the Love Language test. This might just be the perfect activity to bring you both together. That way, they can learn about yours too!