All things Rosacea

Why is my skin so red?
Rosacea is an inflammatory skin condition that can effect everyone in many different ways and is usually present on the face. It presents itself with redness, flushing, red bumps and or little visible blood vessels.
Unfortunately, there is currently no cure for rosacea, but you can treat the symptoms or avoid certain things to help prevent or calm down the inflammation!

What to avoid:
  • Spicy Foods: They produce heat within the body which can irritate sensitive skin and trigger flare-ups. 
  • The Sun: Make sure you're protecting your skin with an SPF (this goes for all babes, Rosacea or not) as sun exposure can increase blood flow to the skin. 
  • Stress: Try and practice some self care routines to help relax the body and free you from stress. Try journalling, taking a bath, exercising or meditating. 
  • Hot Showers: The perfect temperature for any babes shower should be luke warm. How showers heat up the body and strip the skin of its natural oils, ouch!

    What you CAN do:

    • Seek your own specialised skin advice from an expert.
    • Try to incorporate anti-inflammatory foods like nuts, fish and leafy greens into your diet.
    • Use a gentle cleanser. Organic Rituals Aloe Cream Cleanser is the ultimate soothing cleanser, to help keep the skin calm and nourished.
    • Avoid rubbing or touching the face.

    Our favourite treatments:

      Not sure if your redness is Rosacea? Book in for a skin consultation with our skin therapists so they can understand your skin types, concerns and needs! #edenspas