Build A Skincare Routine You’ll Actually Stick To

By Rochelle Smith | @justanothermannequin

Even as a beauty blogger, finding a skincare routine that makes me want to spend the first, and last minutes of my day getting my glow on, hasn’t been easy.

There’s so many options out there, so many steps, and more commitment required than adopting a puppy.

So if you’re anything like me, and your laziness often beats your desire for putting on a night cream (which yes, you should probably start using by now), I’ve come up with a few simple tips for building a skincare routine you’ll actually stick to.

Lazy skincare enthusiasts, this one’s for you!


The first step for skincare commitment is getting products that actually work. That work for you, and your specific concerns. That way, when you’re barely awake and so ready to jump into bed, you won’t be tempted to skip a night. Knowing how happy your skin will be the next day, not to mention next month, will motivate you to get cleansing, no matter what!

It’s so easy to waste weeks on a routine that isn’t working for you, which is why I love that Organic Rituals has a simple skincare quiz on their website which sends you a recommended, tailored routine for your concerns. After answering questions on your skin type, troubles and preferences they send you a list of products they know you’ll love so you don’t waste time on all the wrong things.

It’s a game changer, especially if you’re new to skincare, or want to check which parts of your current routine are working, and which parts you can probably ditch.


The easier, the better when it comes to your routine. If having 12 steps, 16 different products and a bunch of different applications is going to overwhelm you, strip things back to basics before you give up all together.

If you just start with the essentials, like cleanser, toner and moisturiser, you’ll be more likely to complete your routine every single night. Once you’re comfortable with those, you can start adding in additional serums, masks or eye creams if you’re feeling confident.

When your routine is too full, too fast, it can become so complicated and difficult to follow that the entire process feels stressful. If you create a routine that feels the opposite, you’ll not only want to stick to it, but begin to enjoy it too!

One of my favourite features about the Organic Rituals range is that all their products are numbered according to what order they should be used in. It makes their tailored routines so easy to follow, even when you’re working with a lot of steps!


I hate a cluttered bathroom, but leaving my products out on display is the best reminder to stick to my skincare routine.
I keep mine next to my toothbrush, so morning and night it’s almost impossible for me to forget to get glowing! The perks of using a cute brand like Organic Rituals is that their packaging is some of the sweetest I’ve seen. Leaving their products out next to the basin could almost pass for interior design!


When my skincare routine feels good, it puts me in a good mood too! And there’s no way I’m skipping my pamper time when I’m using a brand that inspires that sort of mood-booster!

It’s so much easier to enjoy the process when the products you are using smell good, leave your skin feeling nourished and make you walk out of your bathroom a little glowier than when you went in.
It’s a big part of the reason why I’ve loved using the Organic Rituals range. Not only does everything have a citrusy flavour (which is my favourite!), but since my tailored routine is focused on hydration, my skin instantly feels nourished after I apply!

I might not be getting results overnight, but every time I step into that bathroom I feel a little calmer, a little pampered and a little more confident.

And that’s definitely enough to inspire me to see things through!

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