Can this ONE PRODUCT grow out your eye lashes?!

You may have heard of this old wives trick before – VASELINE to grow out eye lashes?! Does it really work?

Believe it or not this is a trend coveted by online beauty gurus recently.

Vaseline’s main ingredient is Petroleum jelly. Petroleum jelly is a semi-solid mixture of hydrocarbons used as a topical ointment to cure everything from chapped skin to diaper rash. And, apparently, it can be used to grow out your eyelashes too.

Petroleum jelly, with its moisture rich properties, can make your eyelashes healthier and less brittle, thus preventing any premature breakage. Moisturising the eyelash hairs will strengthen them and deter weakness, making them last longer through nourishment before falling out. Perhaps this is creating an illusion that they are growing out and thickening up!

Our Verdict: Hm, maybe don’t give this a shot. There is too large a risk of reactions if in contact with eyes or nearby delicate skin, along with potential irritation. It can also be difficult to remove and lead to puffiness.

What are your thoughts on this?