Get the Perfect Eyebrows at Home!

Unruly eyebrows – something you have surely faced at some point of time. So much time spent frantically trying to groom your few remaining strands of hair to perfection and tackling the patchy parts of your brow that just wont grow out. Oh, and of course, the brow hair in the wrong places. Sound too familiar?

Or perhaps your situation is polar opposite. Where is the fine line between a bold and distinct shaped brow, versus thick and over grown? 

Either way, we have a solution for you readers out there who may need a hand perfecting your eyebrows at home. Although leaving your brow shaping (or taming) to the experts is often key to great brows, we don’t always have a chance hop into the salon and have them touched up. Whether you’re a pro or an amateur when it comes to your brow game, we believe that you can seriously master the perfect brow at home, no matter how thin or thick.

Wish you listened to your mother and left those brows untouched? Here are our tips and tricks to perk up and achieve your best full brow at home!

  • Commence with the best brows you can! We suggest letting your hairs grow out (as much as possible) so there is more to work worth. Start with combing your brow hairs up from the start to the tail. This will identify any specific sparse areas that may require filling.
  • Filling in your brows can make a world of a difference! Begin filling in sparse areas with a light hand. Work at the start of the brow with finer hair like strokes, working your way to the tail. Be sure to not go overboard with filling products, you want to create the illusion the ‘hairs’ are more on the natural side.
  • There are so many products out there that can totally transform your brows! Eden’s brow expert Loren recommends the use of a plain matte eye shadow shade (that matches your brow colour) to fill your brows in. Fill in with a fine angled brush allowing for delicate application and you’re good to go! 
  • Prefer a more distinct eyebrow? Another option is the eyebrow pencil. Not for the feint hearted, eyebrow pencils apply heavier and bolder. There’s not a lot of leeway for error so do apply with less and work your way up. 
  • Accidental harsh line after filling in? Running a spooly over your brows will ensure a more feathered, dispersed and natural look.

For those on the other end of the spectrum with fuller brows – we individuals with less brow hair envy you! Do not feel discouraged to tackle your brow dilemmas at home. We’ve also got you covered with our tips and suggestions to polish up your brows at the comfort of home.

  • Shaping of the brow: Assuming you don’t have access to professional tools at home, such as a wax kit, revert to your tweezers. Isn’t it difficult working out which hairs to pluck or not? Your safest bet is to brush through your brow hairs and remove the stray hairs. These are the ones that do not contribute to the major shape of your brow. Marking out areas with a light lip-liner or eye liner can help control which areas are to remain untouched. These markings can be easily removed, as they are cosmetic.
  • Otherwise ,if you trust yourself a little more, take on a more strategic role. Follow a brow guide on ultimate shaping. As a general rule of thumb, the start of your brow aligns with your inner tear duct (a), your arch should be roughly aligned with your iris (b) and the tail on a diagonal line to your nostril (c).

The following guide is a clearer visual interpretation:

  • Another quick and easy way to maintain brow shape is brow gel. Brow gel works by setting your brow in shape. It is perfect to swipe across your brows in the morning so they can hold their shape throughout the day ahead.

Combat the unruly eyebrows by instilling a couple of these steps to your beauty regime. Notice the difference within minutes! Good luck perfecting you brows at home and remember, that your eyebrows are sisters, not twins.