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Greats places to Dine after Your Treatment

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places to eat after day spa treatment camden

So you’ve finished your treatment and left the doors of Eden Spa. Why not treat yourself even more with a freshly brewed coffee, warm meal or finely crafted cocktail in Camden?

We’ve put together a couple of our favourite places to dine after a treatment! Have a look below to see which you would favour post treatment.

After a fine coffee? Look no further than the Back Galley Café. And if it’s the afternoon and you’re still after breakfast, you are sorted. Back Galley Café have all day breakfast, woo! We’re talking about breakfast burritos, vege stacks, house made Granola and plenty more. Find out more here:

Are cocktails more your thing?
One word. Barenz! Cocktails with pizza and a wide selection of amazing food, say no more! All your classic cocktail flavours along with Barenz own recipes. Check out more here:

Somewhere a little hip? Squeeze and grind. Trendy, yum and something for every one. Burgers, breakfast and a large variety of drinks to channel your inner hipster. Outdoor and indoor dining too! Have a look for more details here:

There are plenty more places we recommend too! The Elm Tree Café, Azz Sweet Azz Chocolate, Local pubs throughout Arglye Street, a selection of Thai restaurants throughout Argyle Street too and a wholeeee lot more!


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