How important is a night time routine?

Practising self care together
Running around after the kids or the big kids (aka partners), and feel like there are just not enough hours in the night to let yourself wind down?

Having a good night time routine allows you to the time and space to physically and mentally decompress after a long day. Have you ever tried to go to bed with so many ideas racing through your head? 

 Relax your body and mind. ⁠

Take out some time to run a bath, or if you dont have enough time, use a luxurious body wash in the shower. Read a book or even simply enjoying your evening cup of herbal tea. ⁠Try not to use your mobile phone in the step.

Nourish your skin

We have made this step super easy for you all with our 'Facial In A Box' by Organic Rituals skincare.

They have been designed so that you can enjoy a professional strength treatment, from the comfort of your own home! All of our boxes are customisable and can be altered for different skin types and conditions, to ensure we are providing you the best results for YOUR skin.⁠ Not only is it super beneficial for your skin, it is also a way to wind down and relax your mind and body. 
Schedule and organise

Try set aside some time to organise and plan during your evening routine. This is one of the most important aspects of setting yourself up for success the following day. You're more likely to follow it and go to bed the time you want.⁠
How do you wind down? #edenspas