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How to soothe skin after an Eyebrow Wax

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To all our fellow eyebrow waxers out there, we're sure that you're no stranger to that post brow wax redness! You know what redness we are talking about - that inevitable redness outlining your brows while you're rushing to the shops after a brow wax appointment, exposing your obvious redness to the whole public! 

Here are some remedies to soothe the redness around your brows if it's causing discomfort, or are just impatient. Plus, at least some of the items will definitely be found out home in the pantry or freezer too! 

  • Cucumbers - Cucumber is great for soothing the skin due to its ability to fight inflammation and calm your dermal layers. Perfect to use if cooled and sliced. Feel the refreshment almost instantly when against the red skin!
  • Green Tea Bags - Green tea bags (make sure it's wet, to ensure coolness) overcome inflammation due to the active properties within the tea. The soothing effect minimises any redness and has a lovely fragrance too. Press against the red areas to reduce redness and any inflammation.
  • Ice cube/ice pack - Rather straightforward, ice reduces any discomfort and brings forth relief. Wrap up some ice in a small towel to avoid any harsh coldness, and entail a more controlled application.
  • Aloe Vera - The gel like substance from the Aloe Vera plant reduces irritation through over 75 active components. The plant not only soothes but promotes healing too. Lather the gel amongst the redness to see results.

There are a whole lot of other products that can combat any redness or irritation, but why not try first with some more natural remedies. 

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