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Male Grooming & Spa Treatments

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Ever tried to bring your hubby along to the spa for a couple’s spa date, but he remained unconvinced? Or perhaps you’ve dropped hints that he needs a bit of manscaping done, but he is unsure of what to do? Or are you always hearing about how he has ‘done his back in’ and needs a chance to unwind from that muscular pain?

Here at Eden Spa we cater to men just as much as we do to women. Day Spas for women are a thing of the past! In a modern world, men are realising the importance of beneficial skincare, relaxation and grooming. Professional male body grooming, conducted by a beauty therapist is more than an investments to one’s physical appearance. It is a chance to offer ultimate down time, refreshment and receive treatments that target specific dermal concerns. A specialty treatment on top of an already existing grooming regime can make the world of a difference!
We are now offering new male specific treatments on top of male waxing and grooming. These include:
Men’s facials
Suitable for those with blackheads, large pores, ingrown hairs.
Forte Express…30 min/$75
Male Micro…45 min/$95
Skin Blaster…60 min/$125
Sports Massage
Suitable for the man that suffers with tight and stiff muscles. Infared sauna and thermal massage with hot and cold rocks encourages blood circulation, relieving sports related injuries…85 min/$145
Male Grooming Package
Professional skin analysis with Male Micro and pre Forte enhancement plus hydrating eye treatment.
Neck and shoulder hot stone massage.
Nail clip (hand and feet) + removal of dead skin and cuticle work.
…2 hrs/$220

These new treatment packages focus on grooming and complete relaxation. Each treatment is a fantastic option as a gift (for the man who says he doesn’t know what he wants) or as a gift for Father’s Day. Our current Father’s Day special includes a complimentary beer with each men’s speciality treatment voucher.

For those more interested in bodily grooming you’re not alone, the treatment is more popular than you realise! Waxing for men is just as effective as it is for women.

Waxing removes the hair from the root, meaning that the hair will grow back softer, unlike shaving which cuts the hair making it grow back sharp and pointy. The sanitary and visual benefit of men’s waxing boosts confidence and is an alternative to other hair removal methods.

And don’t worry, it won’t end up anything like this!

Your highly trained therapist is equipped to make the experience as comfortable as possible for you.

For more details about our waxing treatments, check out the following link: For any other concerns please contact 4655 2113.


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