Microblade Feather Tattoo | Everything you need to know! | FAQ's

Microblading is a form of semi-permanent tattooing that mimics the effect of real brow hairs through ultra-fine precise strokes. The individually drawn hairs enhance the shape of your brow creating a natural, full and flawless look.

The Eden Spa Ultimate Brow Transformation includes a FREE Eyebrow styling consultation. The eyebrow microblading itself is $480, along with your Eyebrow style touch up for $90 ($90 for clients who have had their procedure completed at Eden Spa). You can book on Facebook via messages or by contacting 4655 2113. 

So, what is Microblading?

Microblading is an advanced semi-permanent tattooing technique that lasts 12-18 months. The Microblade tool is a superfine instrument that deposits pigment into the epidermis, creating thin hair like strokes. As the needle deposits pigment into the close skin surface of the eyebrow, the strokes appear very crisp and fine, with no ‘spilling’ or smudging under the skin. This process results in ultra fine hair like strokes and a perfectly transformed brow. It is ideal for those after a fuller and realistic eyebrow.

The pigments used in this method are made of safe ingredients that are hypoallergenic. The pigments also include no heavy metals and are free of coal tar derivatives. Safety is also ensured in the various tools within the microblade. Rest assured that immensely hygienic tools are used, which also contain disposable parts from client to client.

What to expect during the Microblading process?

  • Consultation with your technician who will draw the shape of your brow in with removable pencil. The technician will consider your input but also consider key measurements of your face and eyebrows. This will ensure the best flattering customized brow for you.
  • Prior to the microblading process, a topical numbing cream application to minimize discomfort. This will be followed by further topical anesthetics to reduce minimal pain during the procedure.
  • Expect your technician to specifically formulate a pigment colour for you. The pigment will match your original brow colour and seamlessly blend with existing hairs. Initially, your brows may appear darker, but fade significantly over a fortnight.
  • Post treatment, your microblade tattooing healing process may last a month or so. Expect that during the healing process you cannot use any products or have water around the brow region for a minimum of ten days.
  • Anticipate a required touch up after this month period, as healing may have affected the pigment.


Benefits of Microblading?

  • The most upfront benefit is enhancing the shape of your brows. Increased fullness will provide a natural and flawless brow, boosting your self confidence and further flattering your facial dynamics.
  • Filling in your brows every day can be time consuming and laborious. As microblading is semi-permanent, it promises you will no longer have to fill in your brows daily, meaning you can cut out filling from your daily beauty regime. It will highly benefit those who no longer want to rely on beauty products, or in more extreme cases, those who experience hair loss or alopecia.
  • Microblading is a long-term solution to filling in your brows. The results can last anywhere from 12-18 months, with a touch up only required after a month and once a year after. It is very low maintenance and perfect for those after brows that will need minimal upkeep. 


Who is Microblading suitable for?

Microblading is suitable for those who want to fully reconstruct, define and fill in gaps of their eyebrows. It is suitable for those who are after natural, full and shaped brows, no matter the amount of hair present. The suitability also extends to:

  • Individuals who don’t want to spend their time applying makeup, or prefer a look that isn’t so ‘made up’.
  • Those expected to maintain a certain level of grooming for work purposes.
  • People suffering alopecia and hair loss.
  • Those who enjoy sports and swimming.
  • People who are after very low maintenance and upkeep.

In summary, it is suitable for any one!

No more fiddling about in the mirror trying to even out your brows, making one just like the other, daily! Microblading ensures flawless eyebrows with exceptionally low maintenance. The semi-permanent solution is a great investment and will soon be offered by Eden Spa. Contact Eden Spa to find out more.

 How to book?

Call 4655 2113 to contact Eden Spa or online.