Sick of Dry Lips and Balms that do NOTHING?

The cross over of seasons can be particularly harsh on your lips. A large contributor to dry, chapped and irritated lips in the changing seasons is physical irritants. These include a variation in sunlight, temperature (a sudden harsh adjustment in cold and warm climates) and further climate conditions like wind and rain. Chemical pollutants may also play a role too. Radicals can potentially dehydrate your lips and cause flaking of the skin. Additionally, biological factors can impact dry lips too. Lack of water consumption, as well as exposure to any bacteria or allergens may trigger further lip irritation.

Dry, chapped lips often begin with scaling skin and can lead to cracks, redness and bleeding. Constant contact with saliva and water removes the layer of skin oil that acts as a protectant. Hence the feeling that dry lips can be a repetitive cycle!

When looking for an effective lip balm it is best to avoid overly fragranced and artificially coloured balms. Checking the ingredients provide an important clue as to what to avoid. If you see menthol, camphor and phenol cool, we suggest that you avoid using the balm. These ingredients anesthetize the lips but at the expense of producing redness, swelling and dry flakes. When unaware of these damaging ingredients one tends to continuously use the lip balm to counter act the unknown side effect. A reliance is built on a product that is really doing you nothing!


We have three balms sold in spa, full of effective ingredients rather than damaging that will comfort and heal dry lips. Our top three picks are as follows:


1. The Dr. Spiller Aloe Vera Lip Balm 

This soothing and hydrating lip balm contains SPF 15+ to provide you with an extra layer
of protection against the elements. It is designed to target dry and chapped lips through its restoring ingredient listing. Glycine Soja Oil is a natural emollient and an excellent moisturiser. Glycine Soja Oil is rich in antioxidants further protecting your lips from radical damage. Aloe Barbandensis (Aloe Vera Leaf extract) restores suppleness of the lips and reduces flaking and cracking by fighting inflammation. To find out more about the soothing powers of Aloe Vera left extract, click here to read our other article
* Please note that Dr. Spiller must be purchased in Spa as we are an authorised retailer of the line. 

2. The MBK Lip Repair Cream

The MBK Lip Repair Cream heals stressed lips with the use of plant extracts. The incorporation of ingredient Shea Butter soothes uncomfortable lips through a conditioning process. It is a form of vegetable oil from the Shea tree, native to Central Africa. Additional plant based ingredients jojoba oil and vitamin E supports and regenerates dry and irritated lips. This product is another great option to provide sustainable protection to the skin. You can purchase this product exclusively in Spa. 

3. The Skin Juice Green Juice Skin Balm














This multi purpose balm will work wonders for your skin! To see why we love and recommend it so much, read our article here. This super concentrated balm contains a wide range of natural plant based ingredients and oils, such as oils from sunflowers, shea and mango. It's botanical based formulation also consists of essential fatty acids, plantsterols and antioxidants. The combination of these ingredients results in softening the lipids of the skin to smooth dryness. The product melts into an oil, making it easily absorbed through your lips and highly penetrative and effective. No petrochemicals, No artificial fragrances, No silicones, No glycols, NO synthetic colours and No sulphates make it perfect for even the most sensitive of lips.