Spring into a Healthy Skin Care Regime


Spring is here and it’s time for a renewal! Spring offers the best time to kick-start a new skin care routine and rid yourself of that post winter dry, dull and lack-lustre skin. With your skin being the largest organ of your body it is essential to keep it at its peak and at its optimal health.

How can I get started with a new skincare routine for spring?

Your first step to adopting an effective skin care regime for spring is having a Skin Consultation at Eden Spa. Here at Eden Spa our passionate therapists can correct your skin concerns and take a closer look at the condition of your skin. A proper skin consultation will enable your therapist to gain a deeper understanding of your skin and prescribe a suitable, safe and effective treatment. Our therapists are able to treat all skin conditions, ranging from severe acne prone skin to profound pigmentation.


What to expect during a skin consultation?

During your Eden skin consultation your highly trained therapist will use the Reveal Imager Machine, which provides a deep skin analysis through visualizing facial layers. The powerful state of the art machine allows your therapist to see what is occurring within the deeper layers of the skin through high-resolution imagery. This leads for deep topical layer analysis. The machine enhances your skin consultation by clearly demonstrating specific areas for treatment. It is a wonderful tool for your therapist in consulting your skin!


How can I take on the information from my skin consultation?

With an Eden skin consultation, you will not only receive quality expert information but also a highly effective treatment plan. After months of harsh winter weather and assumedly good exfoliation, it is crucial to rehydrate your skin and bring back that glow. We stock a wide range of Skin Juice, Dr. Spiller and MBK in spa with products specific to areas of your skins concerns.

It is likely that your therapist will prescribe or suggest a product or sunscreen with a decent level of SPF. As the weather warms up and the sun becomes stronger, SPF will protect your skin against damage, prevent premature signs of aging like fine lines and wrinkles, and helps to maintain an even skin tone. Although the suggestion and prescription of products will vary from client to client, the use of SPF laden products is an essential as we head into Spring and Summer.

Your personalised skin care routine is extremely beneficial for optimal skin health. You will see improvements in:

  • Correction of skin conditions and/or concerns.
  • Sustained nourishment of your skin.
  • Protection of your skin against environmental factors (rays of sun, temperamental weather etc) and radical damage (chemical).
  • Cleaner skin with removal of any makeup, dirt, debris or oil left on your dermal layers.

How can I book a Skin Consultation for Spring?

A skin consultation is complementary with every facial. However, appointments are also available for just skin consultations only.

You can book online or by contacting 4655 2113.