Summer Skincare Tips

Are you someone who likes to change up their skincare routine when the seasons do? Or are you someone who keeps their skin routine the same no matter what the weather is? 

If you haven’t already, it’s time to consider switching things up this summer. As the warmer weather is approaching, here are our favourite things to consider to ensure optimal skin health.


Even if you don’t have a crazy skincare routine, most people know the importance of sunscreen during the summer. We all know that when we’re about to head to the beach or to lay in the sun, that we reach straight for the SPF. However, it’s not the first thing we reach for when we’re hanging out inside. Wearing SPF inside is just as important as UV rays can pass through glass windows!

Keep a mini SPF in your car for your hands

While we’re on the topic of SPF and glass windows, we may as well mention this. When you drive, your hands are exposed to the sunlight whilst on the steering wheel. Having a mini SPF handy in your car will help protect your hands and arms from the UV rays. You wouldn’t want a youthful looking face with aged hands right?

Swim in the salt water

There’s something so refreshing about taking a swim in the ocean. Apart from feeling refreshed, salt water has a variety of benefits when it comes to the skin. Sea water is full of rich minerals and nutrients including Magnesium, Potassium, Calcium and Sodium. These are all beneficial not only for dry skin, but can also assist in soothing redness and irritation. This is perfect if you have acne-prone skin. The best benefit of all… EXFOLIATION! The salt water helps to scrub away dead skin cells naturally. If you’re wanting to give your skin a boost this summer, it’s time to pack your swimmers!

Moisturise after the beach

If you’ve read this blog in order, you’ll now know about the amazing benefits the ocean has on the skin but what the salt water can also do, is draw excess oil. While this is great for drying up pimples, it’s important to rehydrate the skin with a lightweight moisturiser afterwards.

Lighten up your skincare routine 

With warmer weather comes sweat! When you sweat, you swell and when you swell, oil becomes stuck within the pores. When you apply a super thick moisturiser on top, this can clog your pores even more. It’s a good idea to switch up your moisturiser to something more light weight, especially if you’re prone to acne. A popular choice during summer is Organic Rituals Peptide Cream

Do you alter your skincare routine depending on the season and weather changes? #edenspas