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The importance of Skin Consultation during the cooler months!

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As the cooler months kick in several environmental factors can be harder on your skin. Is dry skin something common for you during the cold? Well you are not alone, and there is an explanation, as well as solution! The weather can severely impact the condition of your skin in more ways than you may be aware of.

There are several major environmental factors that play a large factor on the condition of your skin. Such as physical, biological and chemical irritants that can cause stress to your skin and result in numerous unwanted skin issues.

A large contributor to changing skin condition in the cooler months is physical irritants. These include a variation in sunlight, temperature (a sudden harsh adjustment in cold and warm climates) and further climate conditions like wind and rain. Chemicals also unfortunately contribute to any temperamental variation in skin. Chemical pollutants are prone to causing irritation and wearing down your skin. Biological factors can additionally impact your skin too, through exposure to any bacteria or allergens that may trigger further irritation.

A combination of these factors can all adversely affect your skin, consequently resulting in dehydration, dullness and dryness.

As a whole these specific changes in environmental factors can cause stress to your skin and unfavourable outcomes. Many of us dedicate effort towards methods which may not target and correct your skin concerns due to seasonal weather change. Combating these issues involves more than just a trial and error approach to skin care, but rather the input of a professional skin consultant.

Here at Eden Spa our passionate therapists can correct your skin concerns faced during the cooler seasons. Our qualified expert therapists are able to take a closer look at the condition of your skin. A proper skin consultation will enable your therapist to gain a deeper understanding of your skin and prescribe a suitable, safe and effective treatment. Our therapists are able to treat all skin conditions, ranging from severe acne prone skin to profound pigmentation.

During your Eden skin consultation your highly trained therapist will apply more than just her extensive knowledge. Your consultant will utilise the Reveal Imager Machine, which provides a deep skin analysis through visualizing facial layers. The machine enhances your skin consultation by clearly demonstrating areas for treatments. This means direct treatment with no application of unnecessary treatment. The powerful state of the art machine allows your therapist to see what is occurring within the deeper layers of the skin, such as underlying pigmentation and any sensitivity.

Your high resolution skin image allows your therapist to assess the skin topically and deeper layers via the images. This technology provides an extraordinary visualisation and is a wonderful tool for your therapist in consulting your skin.

With an Eden skin consultation, you will not only receive quality expert information but also a highly effective treatment plan. Your therapist will also provide you with progress images which will highlight the extent of your improvement. Documentation via images will provide you with an extra level of assurance that your skin is improving.

Overall the importance of a skin consultation is vital! A skin consultation with Ash, leading Sydney Facialist will ensure quality care, provision of an effective treatment plan and a highly informative experience.

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