The BEST Face Scrub/Exfoliant on the market | Everything you must know!

The Revival Face Scrub by Skin Juice is an exfoliant that clears bacteria and congestion, as well as unplugging blockages from pores.

The scrub has a combination of fruit acids, natural jojoba beads and bamboo, which deeply exfoliates, leaving fresh, vibrant and glowing skin. No artificial sweeteners, no synthetic colours and no artificial fragrances make this product pure and natural.

When used weekly (applied by massaging into the skin in a circular motion), your skin will be prepared for the next steps of your skin care regime. Say good bye to irritated and inflamed skin as this product is suitable for all skin types, from oily, dry to combination types.

So, what sets apart this product from other facial scrubs?

A lot of scrubs in the market consist of exfoliants that are not milled into smooth spheres. These type of granules tend to have rough, triangular edges which can tear or stretch pores. This causes unnecessary harsh abrasion to your epidermis making it prone to infection and inflammation.

Unlike these exfoliants, the Revival Face Scrub ONLY uses smooth spherical jojoba beads which are evenly dispersed within the kaolin creamy clay. This allows for a more even, less abrasive dermal polish to remove dead skin cells. This means a smoother polish and less chance of abrasive action leading to infection and inflammation.