Why you NEED the Green Juice Skin Balm!

The Green Juice Skin Balm is a must for any skin care junkie or novice! This multi purpose product is effective as a natural repair balm that will soften, soothe and condition your skin.

The super concentrated balm provides moisture through its pure plant oil. Its botanical formula consists of essential fatty acids, plantsterols and antioxidants. Oils from sunflowers, shea and mango work by softening the lipids of the skin to smooth dryness. Once applied to your skin the balm melts into a skin compatible oil that is easily absorbed by the skin, making its results fast and effective.

This balm will become your miracle balm! You'll want one in every handbag, nappy bag or bedside table! The Green Juice Skin Balm can be used for:

  • Face and body moisturiser or lip balm.
  • Soothing and healing balm for eczema, dermatitis or skin trauma.
  • Healing skin after skin trauma like laser treatment, injury, tattoo and sunburn. 
  • Removing heavy make up AND even childrens face paint!
  • Nourishing balm for cuticles and lips
  • Nurturing for the delicate skin of babies

This product has a lot to offer! But what doesn’t it have? No petrochemicals, No artificial fragrances, No silicones, No glycols, NO synthetic colours, No sulphates and No BPA plastic.

The Australian made and own balm also does not test on animals, is pregnancy safe and certainly healthy for your skin. We cant recommend it enough!

Pick up yours in Spa or purchase online via this link.

To see more about the Green Juice Balm, have a look at the following video below.