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Did you know your skin is the largest organ of the body? This is why it's important to protect it!

With your skin being waterproof, and majority of products on the market like moisturisers also being water based, a conflict of interest occurs. How is a water based product meant to penetrate your skin? What makes a water based product effective? What do you think these moisturisers are doing to your skin? That's right, nothing - they evaporate off the surface, leaving all the nasties behind.

We make sure that our product lines are beneficial and penetrative to your skin, ensuring results.

Putting foreign ingredients on our skin can be quite harmful and can cause a range of different skin conditions. This is why we have carefully selected skin care ranges that work with the skin not against it. Our products contain the same natural oils as your skin produces so:

1. The products will penetrate and hydrate your skin

2. The products will not leave any nasty preservatives on the skin which causes sensitivity

3. The products will not cause breakouts as they are the SAME OILs as the skin.


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