Child Friendly Appointments

Need some PAMPERING but it’s WAY too hard with the KIDS?

Wish you could come for your monthly pampering treatments, but it’s a struggle trying to find a babysitter?

Well... we have some great news!

For the first time EVER we are offering KID FRIENDLY appointments!

You can now come in for that much needed pamper, and have the little ones minded at the same time!


A message from Ash, founder of Eden Spa...

I don’t know about you, but sometimes being a mum can be so stressful and selfless at times! I had someone say to me the other day “WOW, you're such an honest Mum". It got me thinking... as mums, we try to stay positive and just cop everything on the chin. We are the ones if our child are sick, we get called first to come and collect them from school! We are the ones that comfort them when they are sick. We are the ones that change their sheets in the middle of the night from vomiting or wet accidents! We are the ones that need to cook them dinner even, though we just desperately want to watch Married at First Sight! We are the ones that drive them to sport & social events.
Is this you? It most definitely is me!
Quite often our clients will say things like, "I can only come on a Saturday as I don’t have a babysitter" or "I have to cancel because my husband has gone away for work", or even "I really need time out for me but its difficult with the children". If this is YOU, today's the day you’ve been waiting for! While school holidays are fun, as you get to spend some extra time with the kids, it is nice to have some time out for you too! For the first time EVER Eden Spa is offering child-friendly appointments on Thursday 19th and 26th April! YAY. No, the spa isn’t going to be nice and quiet like it normally is, but it will give you a chance to use that voucher you desperately wanted to use, or even better just treat yourself! We will have select treatments available on the day. You will want to book in ASAP as there won't be many appointments free!



On the 19th and 26th April, from 9am - 2pm, we will be offering a selection of beauty, body & hair services, plus child minding services! We are also offering mini pampering experiences available for the kids. 

Treatments you can book in for:

60min Aromatherapy Massage $115
60min Hot Stone Massage $135


From Head To Toe:
Blissful Break $145
Rainwater Vichy Shower $150


Restoration Facial $145
Skin Needling with LED Light $189


Wash & Blow Dry $59
Full Colour with Wash & Blow dry $139


We haven’t forgotten about the cute little kiddies either! We want to make their time with us super special too, so we will be offering child minding in our couples treatment room, which will include the following fun pampering experience for the little ones.

For $15 per child, per hour (all ages welcome) they will receive:

Fresh fruit and sandwiches
Manicure & pedicure
Hand massages
Hair Braiding
For the boys – Spiky and coloured hair, plus other fun activities and games! 

Now, the spa won't be overly quiet due to the kids and any noise, however it's a great time to enjoy some pampering while we take care of the little ones!

 To make an appointment please give us a call on 4655 2113 or email us at Hurry, these appointments won't last. To secure your appointment you will need to leave a 50% deposit or gift voucher number. Please ensure you arrive no later than 15mins before your appointment.