Dr Spiller



Your skin is an outstanding barrier, protecting you from foreign pathogens and other dangers. Cosmetic chemists are constantly striving to find better ways to deliver active ingredients into the skin. It is particularly hard with water-based ingredients since the skin is waterproof.

A high-tech solution has been the inclusion of liposomes in water-based creams. Liposomes are tiny spheres of oil which can mix with the skin’s sebum and so deliver the actives contained in them. Dr. Spiller’s creams are similar to liposomes – outside oil, inside water with actives.


Dr Spiller combines the best of both worlds: light, easy and comfortable to apply like a water-based cream, with all the advantages of longer-lasting hydration and superior delivery of active ingredients of an oil-based cream.


• Each water droplet is surrounded by a thin lipid membrane.

• The oil-based membrane inhibits oxidation and provides a barrier to microbial contamination of the enclosed water and its actives.

• The lipid base biomimetically replicates the sebum (triglycerides, wax esters, squalene, cholesterol esters and cholesterol) and dissolved lamellar granules (free fatty acids and ceramides).

• Biomimetic vitamin E (as naturally secreted by the sebaceous gland) is added to protect the lipid membrane from oxidation.

• HY-TEC™ technology replicates the skin’s acid mantle very closely; active ingredients are absorbed 120% more effectively for long lasting correction and protection. It is a very efficient delivery system for actives.