Hair Salon Narellan

We are proudly a Kevin Murphy Salon at Eden Spa. Your total service price will be quoted on the day of appointment.
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There’s nothing quite like freshly washed and professionally styled hair. The shine, the bounce; it can be extremely hard to recreate that salon look regardless of what kind of tools you have at home.

Whenever your hair is styled by a professional, you feel much more confident and ready to face whatever may come your way. Would you agree?

If so, it’s time to book an appointment with a hairdresser that will leave you feeling and looking fabulous. At Eden Spa, we’ve often been described as the best hairdresser in Narellan when it comes to cutting, colouring, treatments and styling, and we couldn’t be more proud of that.

As a Kevin Murphy salon, we use superior-quality products and tested methods to ensure that your hair is perfectly styled to your taste each and every time you come to see us.

As a luxurious and high-end hair salon, we provide a range of different treatments that will ensure your hair becomes stronger and softer with each visit. Our specialists are highly trained and can cater all of our treatments to suit your hair type and the type of result you want to achieve.

Our range of treatments include:

  • Balayage
  • Full-Head of Foils
  • Half-Head of Foils
  • Hair Colour
  • Hair Tint
  • Regrowth Tint
  • Colour Correction
  • Keratin Treatment
  • Ladies Hair Cut, Wash and Blow Dry
  • Styling
  • Upstyling
  • Intense Hair Treatment

If you have a question about any of the above treatments, just get in touch with us today as we’d be happy to help you. Need some colour inspiration? You can see some pictures of our work on our site so continue to browse for some hair inspo. 

Benefits of Coming to See A Hairdresser in Narellan at Eden Spa

Although many people choose to colour their hair at home or have a mobile hairdresser come by, there are a lot of benefits that can be enjoyed by taking some time out for yourself and coming to see us in our hair salon in Narellan.

To start, your experience is much more luxurious and relaxing as you can sit back and let your stylist work their magic. You can spend some time reading a magazine or catching up on your favourite news sites whilst your hair is being made over.

Other benefits of coming to see us include:

  • High-Quality Products. As a Kevin Murphy salon we only use the finest products on our client’s hair. Your hair is more likely to retain its colour and softness as the products we use have been designed to improve the longevity of hair colour whilst retaining that salon shine for as long as possible.
  • Expert Hairdressers. All the staff we hire are specialists in their field as we believe that the key to providing the best possible service is to work with true experts who are passionate about helping clients look and feel their best. Each member of our staff is incredibly experienced and highly qualified so you can rest assured that you’re in good hands when you come to see us.
  • Specialist Advice. Our staff can provide you with the best advice to ensure that your hair stays and looks healthy long after your appointment. You can ask us any questions you have in relation to hair care, products, styling and advice on styles and colours that will bring out your natural features.

Feel confident and comfortable in your own skin with freshly coloured and styled hair done by the professionals here at Eden Spa. You can book your hair appointment with us right now through our online booking form or, if you have a question about a specific treatment, feel free to give us a call today on (02) 4655 2113.

Eden Spa is Sydney's best day spa & hair salon. We offer a variety of massages, spa treatments and facial care such as eyebrow feathering. Call us or visit our website to book an appointment today!

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Colour Transformations


Begins with a colour consultation & welcome scalp massage at the chair. Rejuvenate your hair with balayage application, along with a wash, intensive treatment, cut, blow dry & finishing off. 

Full Head of Foils

Includes colour consultation & welcome scalp massage at the chair. Rejuvenate your hair with a full head of foils, along with a wash, intensive treatment, cut, blow dry & finishing off. 


Half Head of Foils 

Begins with a colour consultation & welcome scalp massage at the chair. Revamp your hair with half a head of foils, followed with a cut, intensive treatment, wash, blow dry & finishing off. 


Hair Colour/Tint

Begins with a colour consultation & welcome scalp massage at the chair. Includes a tint, wash, intensive hair care treatment, cut, blow dry & finishing off.

Regrowth Tint 

Colour application which will match the colour/tone on mid lengths of hair.

Colour Correction

If you want to fix a badly applied colour, a build up of colours applied at home or if you are simply wishing to change from a dark hair colour to a much lighter one, our Colour Correction Service is for you.


Blow Dry Bar

Keratin Treatment

Hair smoothening process that eliminates any frizz and uneven texture. 

Ladies Hair Cut, 
Wash & Blow Dry

Includes a wash, intensive hair care treatment, blow dry and finishing off.


Includes wash & curls. 


Includes wash & upstyling.

Intense Hair Treatment

Nourish your hair from any dryness, brittleness from colourants, sun exposure, or even just day-to-day wear and tear with our intensive hair mask.