Hot Stone Massage Sydney



Hot Stone Massage 60min $130 or 90min $170

Great for clients who prefer a firmer massage. Begins with a refreshing foot cleanse. Relax your mind and cure those sore muscles with our rejuvenating hot stones. Please note that we do not specialise in or offer remedial.

Aromatherapy Massage 

30min $80: Includes a relaxing back, neck & shoulder massage.

60min $120: Enjoy a herbal foot cleanse, followed by a full body massage, along with a refreshing facial cleanse.

90min $160: Indulge in our full body massage with a scalp massage, facial cleanse and herbal foot soak & scrub.

Please note that we do not specialise in or offer remedial.

Eden Signature Massage 75min $160

Indulge in over an hour of bliss. Starts with a foot soak and scrub, followed by a Hawaiian inspired massage incorporating hot stones to help release any muscle tension. During your treatment enjoy a refreshing facial cleanse and scalp massage.

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If you haven’t enjoyed a hot stone massage here in our Sydney spa, you don’t know what you’re missing out on!

At Eden Spa you can enjoy the best hot stone massage in Sydney from trained and knowledgeable staff that know how to target problematic areas to relieve trapped pain and tension. Our specialist masseuses can help eradicate your pain and stress within a 60 to 90-minute session, helping you to live your life agony-free.

At Eden Spa we have a range of other kinds of massages and spa packages and one-off treatments that incorporate a hot stone massage. Our list of services that include a hot stone massage include:

  • Hot Stone Massage ($130 - $170). You can book this hot stone centred massage for 60 or 90 minutes and completely focus your treatment on this kind of massage.
  • Eden Signature Massage ($160). Our Eden Signature Massage incorporates other relaxation treatments alongside a Hawaiian inspired massage, which integrates hot stones within the massage.
  • Eden Short Break ($420). The hot stone massage portion of this package lasts for 90 minutes (with a total treatment time of 4 hours).
  • Couples Tranquility Package ($530). This service allows two people to experience the joys of a hot stone massage. The massage portion lasts for 60 minutes (the package includes various other treatments which bring the total spa treatment time to 2 hours), but there are other services included within the price. 

The Advantages of Enjoying a Luxury Hot Stone Massage with Us

There are many reasons as to why hot stone massages have become one of the most popular spa treatments in Australia. If you’re looking for the best hot stone massage in Sydney – whether it’s for pain relief or purely relaxation reasons – the following are some of the benefits that you can enjoy;

  • Relieves Muscle Tension & Pain. The heat from the stones allows your muscles to expand and prevents tightening or stiffness of the muscles. Furthermore, the hot stones increase blood flow into the affected area, which helps to relieve any tension or pain.
  • Relieves Stress. Massage therapy is a fantastic way to relieve stress and anxiety as it gives you time to allow your body to unwind.
  • Promotes Sleep. As a hot stone massage can relieve pain and stress it enables the body to easily enter a state of relaxation. This tranquillity allows the recipient to sleep much deeper than before and helps them get to sleep faster too.

Our hot stone massage treatment is perfect for anyone suffering with painful aches and tensions throughout their body, troublesome stress and anxiety, and insomnia. You can find more information across our site and can easily book your stress-relieving and tension-alleviating hot stone massage today using our online appointment form. Alternatively, if you require more information, contact us by giving us a call on (02) 4655 2113.

Eden Spa is Sydney's best day spa & hair salon. We offer a variety of massages, spa treatments and facial care such as eyebrow feathering. Call us or visit our website to book an appointment today!

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Back Treatment 30min $89

Do you suffer with acne, breakouts or congestion on your back? This treatment is designed to decongest and help clear those break outs. Includes a back microdermabrasion or peeling back treatment.