Who We Are (Eden Camden)

The team of industry leading experts at Eden Spa, warmly welcome you to our Spa.

Eden Spa is a multi-award winning Day Spa and Hair Salon located in Camden. Our talented team consists of specialists in dermal therapy, eyebrow shaping, hair services and an array of beauty and spa treatments. Eden Spa is renown for being one of Sydney's leading Day Spas and Hair Salons.

As you enter the premise you will see Camden's only Brow & Hair Bar, in which we provide brow shaping and hair services. Behind the classic wooden door beholds the day spa oasis. Eden Spa has 6 beautifully designed treatment rooms, including a couples treatment room with a twin shower.

After your treatment, relax and awake peacefully in our relaxation lounge while enjoying a herbal tea. Post treatment, browse our wellness products to create your own spa experience at home. 


Meet Our Team

Loren | Spa Manager & Brow Expert

Hi, I'm Loren, the Spa Manager and Eden Spa's Brow expert. I am a foundation therapist at Eden Spa since its beginnings in 2011. My passion is shaping and restructuring eyebrows to flatter and complement the face. My expertise lies in eyebrow feathering. After completing several courses & receiving on-going training, I've worked with hundreds of clients in transforming their eyebrows, resulting in a newly confident version of themselves. I additionally specialise in eyebrow waxing, shaping & tinting. 

Kelsea | Assistant Manager & Senior therapist

Hi, I'm Kelsea, I've been in the Beauty industry for 8+ years and love delivering my clients with an amazing treatment. I'm Passionate about skin and advanced facial treatments as I love providing my clients with amazing results. 

Janelle | Snr. Dermal Therapist

Hello, I'm Janelle. I love everything about skin, and the one thing I'm most passionate about is education and results! I have been in the industry for 19 years & I'm equipped with plenty of experience & knowledge. I have completed multiple courses, in addition to studying with ITEC, in which I received my internationally recognised Dermal Therapist Qualification. I specialise in Advanced Peels, Skin Needling, Laser/IPL & Advanced Microdermabrasion Techniques.


Eden Spas Founder

Ashlee, the founder and director of Eden Spa has worked tirelessly over the last 8 years to bring Eden Spa to life. However, everything has not been as glamorous and successful as it may seem.

Building Eden Spa from the ground up, along with its prestigious brand at the age of 24 was not an easy task, in addition to having a 4-month-old baby at the time. Prior to opening Eden Spa, Ashlee struggled with mental illness, which resulted in hospitalisation and life support. Ashlee’s depression and anxiety derived from a neurological speech disorder that was developed during work, which was caused from extreme stress from the bullying from her direct manager. In light of an awful situation, Ashlee discovered that an overwhelming break down can have an undeniable breakthrough.

Believing that she was given a second chance at life, Ashlee pursued a mission to make a difference and help others escape any difficulties they may be facing, even if just for an hour long facial. Alas, Eden Spa was born and created with a vision to assist individuals in healing via luxurious spa treatments. Eden Spa promotes a sanctuary of peace, rejuvenation and relaxation, which is everything founder Ashleigh envisioned. It is a haven you can retreat to and feel safe, pampered and revitalised.

Ashlee’s vision has been completely achieved and is a credit to her persistence, overcoming mental health issues and years of dedication and hard work. Upon reflection, the founder and director acknowledge the highs and lows that have made her the person she is today.

“Don’t forget – for you to care and love others, you must take care and love yourself”

If you or someone you know is struggling with mental health issues, there is support. Please contact Beyond Blue on 1300 22 4636 for 24/7 support.

Eden Spa is a National Award Winning Day Spa. Since opening our first spa in 2011, we have won a multitude of Awards:

  • 2018 - Camden/Wollondilly Local Business Awards Outstanding Beauty Services
  • 2017 - Ashleigh Kajan, owner & founder of Eden Spa - Business Woman of the Year - Local Business Awards 
  • 2016 - Camden Council Best Window Display 
  • 2014 - Camden/Wollondilly Local Business Awards - Excellence in Beauty Service
  • 2013 - Australian Small Business Champions - Excellence in Beauty Service
  • 2013 - Camden/Wollondilly Local Business Awards - Excellence in Beauty Service 
  • 2012 - Camden/Wollondilly Local Business Awards - Excellence in Beauty Service
  • 2012 - APAA Best New Spa Establishment Australia Wide

Finalist in:

  • 2018 - Finalists in Australian Small Business Champion Awards
  • 2017 - Local Business Awards Camden/Wollondilly Beauty Services
  • 2014 - World Luxury Spas Australasia
  • 2014 - Australian Small Business Champions - Excellence in Beauty Service 
  • 2012 - APAA Best Australian Day Spa

Eden Spa has also been featured in a multitude of publications, including:


Here at Eden Spa, we care about the environment and recognise the seriousness of climate change. We constantly endeavour to find practical ways to reduce our carbon footprint and increase our sustainability.
Solar Energy
Did you know that we have installed a 9kw Solar PV System that produces electricity to use during the day, reducing our carbon footprint and offsetting 12,000kwh of electricity from our local network? This creates a constant renewable supply of energy with little to no reliance on the grid.

Our Products
A big way we highlight our commitment to sustainability is through our choice of products that we use and retail. The majority of the products are manufactured at a facility that recycles all of their water, is powered by solar power, and has a carbon footprint of zero. 

In addition, Skin Juice bottles are made from 100% post consumer recycled plastic (PCR). The Skin Juice cardboard packaging & gift boxes are also made of Jute, a natural, renewable fibre and biodegradable element. If you've received Skin Juice Gift Box packaging, we urge you to tear up and compost or dig the shreds into your garden, as it delivers nutrients while limiting the amount of waste or need for recycling.

We've installed LED lighting throughout the Spa as it uses up to 75% less energy, and last 25 times longer than regular incandescent light bulbs. We make a conscious effort to encourage our team to turn off the lights in our staffroom, storage rooms and treatment rooms. We have also installed dimmer switches in all treatment rooms in which maximum lamp output is not necessary.

Eco Towels
We use only environmentally friendly, biodegradable facial fibrellas cloths to reduce our imprint on water usage through wash cycles. These materials are composable, meaning they won’t sit in landfill for hundreds of years. They also contain no harsh chemicals or toxic dyes, so they are even safer for your skin.

Cleaning Material
We purchase our cleaning materials in large bulk containers and always refill our bottles to minimise wastage. This creates less waste by using less packaging, which results in using less resources and less energy. By using less packaging, more product can be delivered in the same amount of space, slashing carbon emissions. 

5 Star Energy Appliances

We use only 5 star energy rated appliances in Eden Spa. By buying more efficient models, we consume less energy and help to reduce emissions. We're mindful to only use electricity when we need it, being sure to turn off and unplug all tools when not being used. 


A recent initiative we’ve developed is the team carpooling to and from work. Carpooling cuts down on the number of cars and vehicles on the road. Fewer cars means there is less carbon, gasses and pollution getting into the air. It addition, the parking in Camden is limited and allow more parking spaces to be readily available for potential clients and customers.


Marine Safe Ingredients

We have made a decision to not use or retail any products that contain microbeads. A microbead is a small 0.5 to 500 micrometres in diameter plastic sphere, often used in exfoliants. They are completely made of plastic so they don't break down. They cannot be broken down properly since sewage systems are not designed to remove microplastic, and so they remain in the water. Their miniscule size means that marine animals often mistake them for fish eggs, a natural part of their diets. Instead, we use products that contain naturally derived exfoliant beads, like jojoba beads, sugars and salts.