SUPRÊME JEUNESSE - Concentré - Total Youth Boosting Care with Youth Process Complex - 30ml

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Suprême Jeunesse Concentré is a true anti-aging gem offering the quintessence of total youth care.
Its cutting-edge formula, twice as concentrated in hyaluronic acid and vitamin C, effectively fights the signs of aging: wrinkles, slackening skin, dark spots, muddy complexion, and dehydration. Its delicate, fluid serum texture penetrates quickly and melts into the skin with a soft, silky caress.
IDEAL FOR: All skin types
TEXTURE: Fluid serum
PRESENTATION: Pump Bottle of 30 ml
Wrinkles are filled, volume and tone are restored to the face, dark spots fade, the skin glows with divine radiance, and it is infinitely beautified.
Radiance: +60%*
*Clinical study under dermatological control on 25 subjects. Twice-daily application of Suprême Jeunesse Concentré for 28 days. clinical scoring.