Do your dark skin spots bother you?

The Cosmelan Peel is for you!

'The worlds leading depigmentation method.'

What is pigmentation? 

Pigmentation can appear in the form of freckles, sun spots, age spots, Melasma etc, caused by sun exposure, hormones, medication and ageing.

What is the Cosmelan Peel?

The peel treats the problem from its origin, removing spots and preventing their reappearance. Cosmelan is effective against all types of pigmentation spots.
How does it work?
It removes the deposits of melanin, a pigment that gives colour to the spot in the outermost skin layers
It acts directly in the melanocyte, a cell where the melanin is produced, to control its production and keep hyperpigmentation under control.

Are you ready to try the Cosmelan Peel? #edenspas