Does your cleanser make your skin feel tight?

Finding your cleanser

Cleansing is one of the most important steps in skincare. Cleansers assists in removing dirt, oil and pollution, giving your skin that fresh, healthy glow. If we didn't cleanse, it would be much difficult for other skin care products like moisturisers to penetrate into the skin.

Finding the right cleanser for you is super important to not only enjoy the experience, but to get the most out of your skin care goals. Here are some factors that may suggest your cleanser isn't right for you:⁠

Tightness in your skin If your skin feels tight after cleansing, then it's stripping moisture and natural oils from your skin.⁠

Redness Sensitive skin should be protected with protective oils and a balanced pH, rather than drying agents.⁠

Stinging or irritation Some cleansers contain moisture drawing ingredients such as benzyl peroxide that can cause irritation to the skin.⁠

If you feel at least one of these feelings, then your cleanser probably isn't right for you. Your best bet is to go with something gentle and nourishing like our Aloe Cream Cleanser  by Organic Rituals, or our Moisturising Micellar Milk Cleanser by Payot.

Which cleanser are you? #edenspas