How do I know what facial is right for me?

With an extensive range of facial treatments to choose from, it can be difficult to know which one is going to suit your skin needs the best.

To provide your skin with the best results, our therapists will provide you with your own skin consultation to really break down and understand your skin type and conditions. 

At the beginning of your appointment with us at Eden Spa, we conduct a skin analysis using our Reveal Imager Machine. Through high resolution visualisation, the machine reveals what is occurring within the deeper layers of the skin which helps to demonstrate specific areas of concern. This is a great tool that enhances your skin consultation and is not only beneficial for your skin therapist, but for you to achieve your skin goals! The Reveal Imager machine will pick up on any underlying skin issues including sensitivity, pigmentation, dehydration, acne and many other skin conditions. 

This machine is a great tool to keep track of your skins progress also. Your therapist will document all your photos along the way as an extra level of assurance that your skin is improving. Not only that, but you can celebrate how far your skin journey has come when you look back at all your images!

Your therapist will also ask questions based on lifestyle choices, health etc to narrow down the key factors to your skin concerns. After conducting a thorough skin consultation, we will be able to gain a deeper understanding of your skin and prescribe you with the correct treatment plan and an effective home care regime.

Do I really need a home care regime?

Your personalised skin care regime is extremely beneficial for optimal skin health and works in conjunction with your skin treatments. Did you know, 70% of your skin results will be from your home care routine? Consistent home care will help with:

  • The correction of skin conditions and/or concerns
  • Sustained nourishment of your skin
  • Protection of your skin against environmental factors (rays of sun, temperamental weather etc.) and free radical damage
  • Cleaner skin with removal of any makeup, dirt, debris or oil left on your dermal layers. 

Let us analysis your skin and pick the best facial for you! Book your skin treatment here and be one step closer to your skin goals.