Intensive treatment from home for acne?

All things Kaolin Clay!
We're all sure you've seen this ingredient used everywhere in the skincare world, but... is it actually worth all the hype?
Well, we believe Kaolin Clay masks are actually underrated! Which other product helps to unclog pores, detoxify and brighten the skin in less than 15 minutes?
This magic ingredient suits just about every skin type, AND what's even better? A Kaolin Clay mask can be performed at home!
What is it?
Kaolin Clay is a naturally derived clay and is primarily made up of the mineral Kaolinite. 

What does it do?
Kaolin Clay helps to draw excess oil and impurities from the skin. which dan help prevent breakouts from occurring. 

Best suited for?
Kaolin Clay is great for all skin types but especially oily/combo skin and acne prone skin. It also helps to calm inflammation and soothe irritated skin, perfect for those who have sensitive skin too!

Where can I find it?
In our Pink D-Tox Mask! That's right... Not only does this magic skin treatment help with tone, texture and hydration; it is also soothing on the skin!
Have you tried Kaolin Clay before? #edenspas