Microdermabrasion Aftercare

    1. Try not to touch or pick at your skin. You have just received a deep cleanse on the skin and picking or touching may cause irritation, if you need to touch your face, always wash your hands before.
    2. Limit your exposure to the sun. Unless you’ve lathered yourself in SPF and are wearing a hat, it’s best to avoid the sun where you can. At this time, your skin is quite sensitive to the skin due to the exfoliation. Always wear an SPF daily, even inside. We recommend using a 50+ SPF, our top pic is the Mesoestetic Sunscreen.
    3. Avoid exercising for the remainder of the day after your treatment. The excess heat and sweat may be overbearing to your skin which can lead to infection, extended redness or an adverse reaction.
    4. Moisturise your skin more frequently to ensure you prolong the hydrating results of your treatment!

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