Why you need Dermaplaning before for any event

The best part of getting ready for any event is feeling confident in your own skin! Do you have hair fluff on your skin that you wish wasn't there just to make your skin look extra smooth? It's time to say goodbye to peach fuzz, (aka hair fluff) and dead skin cells with our new treatment Dermaplaning. 

What is Dermaplaning?

Dermaplaning is an exfoliation process where we remove the top layer of dead skin cells, excess oil and baby hairs with a scalpel blade. While this may sound scary, it is super effective at removing dead skin cells as it can remove up to 2 weeks worth of dead skin!

Benefits of Dermaplaning?

Not only will this treatment help to exfoliate the skin, it will help to reveal softer and brighter skin. It also smooths out uneven skin texture, leaving you with the smoothest base. This is the perfect treatment if you have an upcoming event and want your makeup to sit flawlessly on your skin!

Does Dermaplaning hurt?

We know a scalpel blade can seem nerve-wracking, especially when it's so close to your face however, we can promise you this treatment is pain free! Our therapists are highly trained and experienced to ensure the procedure is safe and effective. Your comfortability is our number one priority!

How often should I receive Dermaplaing?

Since this procedure works by removing dead skin cells and unwanted hair fluff, we recommend receiving this treatments every 3-4 weeks and especially right before any event!

Pair Dermaplaning for the best results!

The best results are achieved with dermaplaning when paired with a Hydrafacial or Chemical Peel! 


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