Self care is more than just important. It's crucial. 

Let us paint what is a familiar picture for many of our clients: You're overwhelmed. You've got the washing pile building up at home, deadlines to meet on the job and your weekends are packed with event to event. To fit in all of these tasks, you skip breakfast, miss your gym session and avoid all of your social commitments. Before you know it, you're exhausted, burnt out and completely done. You begin to overcompensate and push yourself to the edge. 

stressed woman

Suddenly, everything you've done becomes counterproductive. Your vision and sense of direction? It's all muddled up! Where has that time gone for yourself?

Simply put, self care is a few basic habits, practices or routine activities that are essential to your functioning. Self care is absolutely crucial in helping you achieve your goals, improve your wellness and help you efficiently partake in everyday activities. As simple as it may sound, it's actually very uncommon for individuals to take a moment during their day, and actually practice an act of self care. 


Join our Movement

We want to see you actively taking time to practice self care. Next time you're sipping a hot cup of tea, running a bubbly bath, taking the dog for a walk, at Eden Spa, or out with the kids, we want to see you enjoying the moment and being accountable to self care! You can do this by hashtagging your pictures on Instagram with #SelfCareCamden 

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